Going In Style *** 1/2

Fun is not wasted on the young in this comedy featuring three treasured actors having a grand "old" time.

Is it worth $10? Yes

Combine three Academy Award winning actors with a modern day comedic heist film and you may think you have the formula figured out. Not so fast: This smart and sweet tale also exposes a very real problem of how we treat our elderly, and it teaches an enlightening lesson to all.

Long time friends, Joey (Michael Caine), Willie (Morgan Freeman), and Alan (Alan Arkin) are in a financial crisis when the company and bank they have depended on absconds with their hard earned money and threatens them with becoming homeless. Desperate to help their situation and their families, these crafty seniors decide to take back what is theirs with a daring bank heist. With a little help from some unsavory characters, will these three "average" good guys be able to pull off this caper?

You really can’t go wrong when you have this kind of star power in the lead roles. And Hell, throw in Ann Margaret, Christopher Lloyd and Matt Dillon for good measure, and you've got yourself a hit. Director Zach Braff makes sure this film has plenty of heart and smarts to keep you entertained. The topic of ageism and how our society doesn't take proper care of our senior citizens is addressed with sobering reality. Scary thing is, it isn't just the senior citizens that aren't treated right, it’s most hard working Americans. That is not to say that there aren't plenty of laughs along the way, particularly as these far from experienced criminals try to figure out how to rob a bank.

This is a refreshing remake of the 1979 film of the same name that also had an all star cast, including George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasburg. The difference is that the modern retelling contemporizes and gives an overall more positive story. It's tough seeing these legendary actors portraying characters that discuss how much time they have left on this Earth. It's most likely not far from the truth, and that's quite sad. The supporting cast, beyond those already mentioned, aren’t very memorable, except for a weasely bank clerk who gets his just desserts.

Whether you are eligible for the AARP card, or you're just a youngin' who can’t wait 'til summer vacation starts, "Going In Style” will appeal to all ages and maybe bring them together with some laughs and understanding.

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