Gods of Egypt *1/2

A gilded package can't save this ungodly mess.

Is it worth $10? No

Good things don't always come in shiny packages. "Gods of Egypt" epitomizes this, with its subpar story and heavy dose of CGI spectacle.

In the land of Ancient Egypt, towering gods live side by side with their creations, mankind. The dark god, Set (Gerard Butler), takes over all of Egypt with the goal of amassing ultimate power. An unlikely mortal hero named Bek (Brenton Thwaites) teams up with the powerful, but fallen, god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). They set out to stop the existence of Set's threatening rampage across the heavens and the underworld.


Let's get to the few bright spots first. Butler plays the megalomaniacal villain quite well and adds a bit of a humor during his dastardly deeds. In general, most of the cast and writers try to keep a light vibe throughout the film, which helps keep things from getting too serious. The overhead visuals and some CGI are very enveloping and fit the immensity of the land.

Director Alex Proyas, aside from larger productions like "I Robot" and "The Knowing," is more famous for his smaller, darker films such as "The Crow" and "Dark City." This movie seems like it was almost too big for him. The CGI is overly relied upon and at times looks like it was done by a 12-year old on his MacBook. I overheard one viewer mention something about a video game controller. He nailed it. Not only did his comment give me a chuckle, it reminded me that it surely would make a wonderful action game rather than a movie.

Within the film there is never a true definition of the limitations of the gods and their powers. Sometimes they are omnipotent, while other times they are beaten down with incredible ease. It's like they didn't know which way they wanted to take the characters. Too much of the story seems disjointed and most of the characters lack the substance for you to truly care about them; hell, they barely seem to care for each other.

“Gods of Egypt” had so much potential and could have been great had they gotten the story together. But it never happened. If you're looking for a great action film to hold you over until "Batman vs Superman," you'd be better off going to see "Deadpool" again. The gods, and I, would be crazy to recommend you see this vacuous sci-fi/fantasy dud.

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