Minions ***

by Deandra Irizarry

You don’t need to be an evil mastermind or have an obsession with bananas to enjoy the latest installation of the lovable little minions.

Is it worth $10? Yes

It’s time to say “Bello!” to Gru’s mischievous diminutive henchmen who, after twice stealing the spotlight in the “Despicable Me” films, now take the lead in the aptly titled and humorous “Minions.”

After getting rid of their previous bosses through foolish oversights, the minion tribe falls into an emotional funk, for their existence has no purpose if not tending to an evil villain. Kevin is determined to bring back the long gone glory days. He is accompanied by Stuart, a laid back minion with the only intention of becoming a famous rock star, and Bob, the little brother of the group that always has his teddy bear in hand. The minions follow the winding, mischievous road leading to new opportunities, while occasionally making a pit stop for bananas along the way. With the help of Walter Nelson (Michael Keaton), and his unsuspecting family, the minions are able to arrive at Villain Con to complete their search of a new master.

Sandra Bullock voices Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first female villain. She takes the world by storm with the help of her “well-crafted” inventions made by her laid back husband Herb (Jon Hamm). Scarlet becomes impressed by the minions and takes them as her “knights in shining denim.” The minions help Scarlet obtain the then young Queen of England’s (Jennifer Saunders) crown to fulfill Scarlet’s childhood dream of becoming royalty (villains can have dreams too). Throughout their journey, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart go from the Buckingham Palace to Abbey Road to prove that they too can be just as despicable as their villainous boss, as well as rescue the rest of the minion population.

This film bridges the beginning of the minions’ existence to their relationship with Gru (Steve Carell). It also unites the comedic understanding of children and adults and creates an experience worth sharing. The one-dimensional plot makes it easy for all audiences to follow, spicing it up with humorous stunts and musical performances. However, the “young at heart” will get more of a kick from the comedy through the movie’s simplistic little gags and toilet humor. “Minions” brings light to the 1960’s mod era through pop culture references, from the music of Hair to the “Brit Invasion,” as well as political pokes of the time. The references to the era of peace and love are continuously recounted throughout the film, giving audiences a constant reminder that this film is not set in the 21st century.  

Even if we can’t understand every word the minions say, they sure do make us laugh with the universal language of fun and cute.

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