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When In Rome **

Courtesy Touchstone Pictures

Is it worth $10? No

Beth isn't necessarily bad at love, but love is bad with her. Flustered with her younger sister (Alexis Dziena) getting married in Rome, career girl New Yorker Beth (Kristen Bell) enters a Roman fountain of love and takes a handful of coins, believing she's sparing those who desire love from inevitable heartache.

What she does instead is create heartache for herself, as the men (played by Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, Danny DeVito and Will Arnett) whose coins she stole (all of whom conveniently live in New York) proceed to stalk her incessantly. It's hard to decide which guy is more annoying, but have fun arguing about whom you like least afterward.

What Beth doesn't expect is to fall in love with Nick (Josh Duhamel), though of course she believes he only loves her because she has his fountain coin. Duhamel sleepwalks through the performance, but in fairness he isn’t given much to work with.

Most of director Mark Steven Johnson’s (“Ghost Rider”) movie goes through the standard romantic comedy paces, which means most of it is boring and unfunny. Still, there are some likeable moments -- a dinner date in the dark stands out, even if Beth’s idiot suitors ruin it -- and Bell (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) is an energetic, appealing presence who deserves a movie with decent material.

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