Here are the ten best movies of 2018, followed by a number of superb honorable mentions. It was a solid year at the movies, which should make for a competitive and fun awards season.

For as good a year as it was for dramas, indies and foreign films, it was an even better year for blockbusters, especially Disney’s. Yes, the studio took a hit with “Solo: A Star Wars Story” underperforming, but in the last 11 months three of its releases became one of the top ten highest grossing films of all time. “Black Panther” is third on the list after earning $700 million, “Avengers: Infinity War” is fourth with $678 million, and “Incredibles 2” ranks ninth with $608 million. Thus even with various streaming outlets, home video releases, and more TV than ever before at our disposal, it seems as if the blockbuster movie is alive and well, which means we’ll keep getting more of the same.

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We wouldn’t appreciate the good movies as much without the bad for comparison. And surely, the below titles are as stink-tastic as they come. Below are the five worst movies of 2018, ranked from “best” to the absolute worst. It’s not always good to be number one.

5) Solo: A Star Wars Story
Boy the “Star Wars” movies have gone downhill since Disney took over in 2012. This is the worst thus far, punctuated by a horribly miscast Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, who doesn’t have the looks, charm or swagger to pull off the character.

4) The Happytime Murders
Fans of the Broadway musical “Avenue Q” will understand what director Brian Henson (son of Muppets creator Jim Henson) was going for with this vulgar mash-up of puppet and detective movies, while the rest will simply hate it without recourse. None of it was funny, but it might be bad enough to get Melissa McCarthy a Razzie nomination. So, there’s that.

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So…did anything interesting happen in the film industry this year? 

Sheesh, what a mess the sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood heavyweights have become, casting a long overdue shadow on a business that has always been corrupt and nasty.

The allegations should not, however, over shadow the great films of 2017. Like any year we had our share of disappointments (“Downsizing”), but we were also riveted with many pleasant surprises (“Get Out”). What follows are the ten best movies of 2017:

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Here, from beneath the bottom of the barrel, are the worst films of 2017.  

You may remember them for their cloying, ill-advised messages or the emotions that felt oh-so forced. A small piece of my movie-loving self died while watching these, so here’s hoping you avoided all of the below.

“A Dog’s Purpose” is a pandering, manipulative mess of a movie. The controversy regarding the mistreatment of a German Shepherd that “conveniently” came out a week before the film’s release certainly did it harm (even though it was later proved untrue), but this hollow melodrama didn’t deserve an audience anyway.

Robert De Niro, what’re you doing in “The Comedian?” We’re past the point at which the two-time Oscar winner can do anything. He cannot. This includes stand-up comedy, as the delivery of his character’s jokes rarely connects. He also shouldn’t be singing “Making Poopy” in the style of “Making Whoopee” to senior citizens at a nursing home – the sequence is so bad it’s easily his new career low.

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