This Is Cool: Captain America: Civil War Trailer

This spring, watch your favorite superheroes pummel not just the bad guys, but also each other.

The final trailer (below) for “Captain America: Civil War” is out, and as far as I’m concerned, it did its job. I’m now unreasonably excited to see this movie.

It’s an adaptation of the “Civil War” comic event, and that’s a large pair of shoes to fill; the comic was smart, shocking (the inciting incident, Peter Parker’s revelation to the world, The Punisher’s entrance, etc.), and exciting, with several memorable battles between a ton of superheroes. Indeed, it had so many heroes and villains that I was initially worried this movie version was being made far too early as there weren’t nearly enough characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which refers to the shared universe between all of the Marvel Studios’-produced films beginning with “Iron Man” back in 2008) to make a proper adaptation. Looks like I was wrong. There are so many costumed heroes running around in this trailer alone that I lost count of them.

The trailer also reveals two key new additions to the cinematic universe. I never had much of an opinion about Black Panther beyond comme ci, comme ça. Heck, I usually referred to him as Storm’s husband (or should I say ex? I told you the comic was shocking!). That may all change after this movie. That quick look we get of him chasing the Winter Soldier made me geek out completely (good thing I watched the trailer alone, ‘cause my geek “squee” was rather embarrassing). Between his costume (those claws!) and lithe movements, he looks spectacular. Job well done!

The other big reveal, of course, is that of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Even in the mere glimpse we get, he looks good. I like the retracting eyes and the depth of the costume’s colors. It must have killed returning directors, the Russo brothers, to put this much color in their movie because, as evidenced in “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” their favorite hue is gray.

Lastly, the action looks to be on par with what we saw in “Winter Soldier,” and that’s, for the most part, a good thing. “Soldier’s” action sequences did have the most punch out of any of the Marvel Universe’s movies, though some coherence was unnecessarily sacrificed in order to reach those upper echelons of excitement. Here’s hoping that the Russo’s have learned a bit from their last attempt and let some of their shots breathe a little. Even if they don’t, this should still be an exciting movie.

What do you guys think? Do you still need some convincing? Does it look better than that other superhero team up coming in a few weeks? Comment below!


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