This Is Cool: Ghostbusters Trailer

Who ya gonna call? Apparently this summer, an all-female version of America's favorite Paranormal Investigators and Eliminators.

"Ghostbusters" (1984) was a true comedic classic ("Ghostbusters 2”…not so much), and now a reboot set to open July 15, 2016 is hoping to win over the next generation of movie going fans. 

First off, stop being a chauvinist pig and understand a team of female ghostbusters is perfectly fine. That is not the essential problem here. The special effects look like they came from an Atmosphere Halloween special effects DVD, not exactly worthy of today's advanced CGI. The trailer states four scientists (Winston was not a scientist) 30 years ago saved New York from the paranormal, does that mean that this is a sequel? I thought it was a reimagining/reboot? The story source is becoming quite confusing.

Melissa McCarthy is very funny and Paul Feig has directed some hilarious films (“Spy”), but the rest of the ghost busting quartet doesn't really tickle my funny bone. Now, this doesn't automatically mean it's going to be utter crap. There is still a lot of nostalgia and anticipation for this franchise. Cameos by most of the original cast should really help tie the films together. It's always easy to prejudge a film when it tries to emulate or improve upon an already perfect and complete movie. That said, as a critic you have to go in and judge a film on its merits alone and not unfairly compare every aspect to a possibly superior one. As a paranormal investigator and head of a paranormal society, I must admit some excitement for the new ”Ghostbusters." I'm just hoping it has a ghost of a chance at the box office.