This Is Cool: Louis C.K.’s SNL Monologue

I can't think of another comedian who could've gotten away with this monologue

Racism is supposed to be a taboo topic for a white comedian, largely because as a society we idiotically believe that you need to be of a race in order to make fun of that race, even though that discrimination in itself is a form of racism. No matter: Louis C.K. tip-toed through the sketchy boundaries of racial humor in his opening monologue on last week's "Saturday Night Live," then went on to humorously point out what we can’t help to think must be true: That child molesters must really enjoy what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

It takes a seasoned, respected comedian to pull these punches and get away with it. Give the same material to a young upstart or any unestablished entity and you’ll see social justice warriors come out even before the segment is over. But because he’s Louis C.K. — and more importantly, because what he says rings of truth — he gets away with it. Thank goodness for Louis C.K.

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