Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync On Late Night

Since taking over The Tonight Show in February 2014, Jimmy Fallon has shot straight to the top of the ratings and stayed there. This has to piss off late night mainstay David Letterman, who no longer appeals to a youthful demographic and has plans to retire later this year, and Jimmy Kimmel, who's funny in his own way but lacks Fallon's purity and innocence.

Where the late night battles take us moving forward is anyone's guess, but the torches of Carson, Leno, Letterman and (yes) O'Brien have been passed to a capable new generation. A large part of Fallon's appeal is his ability to get his guests to have fun with him, which was never more apparent than last week when he had a lip sync battle with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Watch and enjoy, because if this doesn't make you smile nothing will.

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