Hire Hudak for Your Next Event

Dan Hudak and his staff are available to host screenings, Q&As, corporate events, and facilitate private "Movie Club" discussions. Also, Hudak's "Film Appreciation" lecture series has been presented all over South Florida to great acclaim, making Hudak On Hollywood the go to company for film-related programming!

Movie Club is a great way for friends to get together and talk movies! Clubs usually meet every 6-8 weeks to discuss a film of the Club's choice. Hudak leads an hour-long discussion that includes background on the film, insights into filmmaking techniques that explain how and why the movie was/was not effective, and a look at the social message(s) in the film's themes. The open-forum format allows members to voice their opinions and, in spirited sessions, debate one another regarding a film's merits.

"We are now on our third year of Movie Club with 20 participants and Dan is our excellent docent and moderator. I could not be more pleased with his in-depth insight, knowledge, and humor. He has become a good friend as well as an excellent mentor. Our group could not have made a better choice and we all look so forward to our Movie Club meetings with Dan."
–Lisa Rosenthal, Boca Movie Club

"Dan has been meeting with our neighborhood film club to discuss current and classic films. The group finds our meetings to be informative, stimulating, and fun! He is always well prepared for the film we've selected to discuss and is able to be a skilled moderator for our ensuing discussions. He provides valuable insight regarding the history, style, themes, and technical aspects of the film that we've decided to study. We always look forward to our next meeting with Dan!"
–John Bachay, Miami Shores Movie Club
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