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Forbidden Broadway

New York City’s longest running musical comedy revue is coming to Miami, and it’s about time. “Forbidden Broadway” opened to critical acclaim in New York in 1982, and has been comically spoofing Broadway productions and personalities ever since.

“Forbidden Broadway” doesn’t have a structured plot — it moves from one skit to the next in a joyful lampoon of everything Broadway has to offer. Popular shows such as “Les Miserables,” “Rent” and “The Music Man” are all fair game, and to keep things fresh creator Gerard Alessandrini has regularly updated the show to include current favorites “Wicked,” “Legally Blonde,” “Hairspray” and more.

What’s coming is a “best of” compilation ranging from an older, bitter orphan Annie singing about how dreadful her life has been to the tune of “Tomorrow” to “Can You Feel the Pain Tonight” from “The Lion King.”

Four actors play all of the roles, and the production also includes parodies of famous Broadway personalities including Liza Minnelli, Harvey Fierstein, Julie Andrews and more. Miami Native Gina Greizemar, who has been with the show since 1992 and plays both Minnelli and Barbra Streisand, sat down with us to discuss this very silly show.

Has anyone from the shows you’re mocking seen “Forbidden Broadway” and told you it was a travesty?

Many have come to see the show over the years, but I’ve never performed for them. Carol Channing actually performed for one of the shows, and she loves the show. I met Liza Minnelli when I was at the Burt Reynolds Institute of Theatre Training [the Jupiter-based school dissolved in 1997], and I got to sing for her. And here I am 20 years later impersonating her, one of my biggest idols!

What other characters do you play?

I’ve played every role they’ve done in the last who knows how many editions of the show. I enjoy playing the big divas the most, and people tell me I look a lot like Liza, and I think I do a great impression of her. I also play Streisand, which is great because I stand under a spotlight and really get to stretch vocally with her huge ballads.

You also do the spoof of “Annie,” right?

[Laughs] Yes. When little orphan Annie comes out, her dress is too tight, she has a cigarette dangling from her mouth and she sings about being old and forgotten.

You’re originally from Miami, and you’ve performed the show all around the world — what city has been the most fun?

I’m thrilled about doing Miami. It’s my hometown, my parents live there and all their friends are coming. But doing the show in New York is a dream, and what I’ve always wanted.

Do you ever get tired of playing the same role(s)?

No, because the show constantly changes, so it doesn’t get old.

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