“Unplanned” is also new to Blu-Ray this week.

The “Avengers: Endgame” movie doesn’t mess around, so neither will I. After picking up exactly where the previous installment, “Avengers: Infinity War,” left off and giving Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) some devastating consequences from the infamous “snap” done by Thanos (Josh Brolin), we see Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) trying to make the most of being stuck adrift in space. The situation looks grim, but hope comes in the form of new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) addition Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

This is part of what makes the MCU so captivating, and why “Avengers: Endgame” works so well. The pieces of all 22 movies (including this one) over the past eleven years fit together like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle. Each piece, i.e., each movie, is necessary to make sense out of the whole. In this case, you need to have seen “Captain Marvel” in order to understand who she is, where she comes from, what she can do, and why she’s there. Okay, so the “why” isn’t explained all that well in “Endgame” as she does seem to come out of literally nowhere, but it’s less confusing to at least know who she is and not be asking that question when she comes on screen and saves the day. It’s also a genius move on the part of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who should be credited for having the grand vision to make this all come together. He set up the franchise to guarantee that fans will see every movie so they won’t have any questions going in to the next one.

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“The Curse of La Llorona” is also new to Blu-Ray this week.

The opening moments of “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” feature two young men in a field on the hunt to catch a Pokemon. It’s kind of like the “Pokemon Go” game, only with less risk of getting hit by a car. Plus in this world, the Pokemon are real. One of the young men is played by Karan Soni, and knowing very little about this movie (or the world of Pokemon) I got very excited and said to myself, “No way! Dopinder from the ‘Deadpool’ movies is the star of this show!”

Alas, those hopes were dashed as it’s made abundantly clear that Justice Smith, who plays protagonist Tim Goodman, is the star. Nothing wrong with Smith, he’s a competent enough actor. But he’s no Dopinder, darn it. The point of the aforementioned (failed) attempt to catch the Pokemon is to give Goodman a companion. Everyone else has a Pokemon (dogs and cats are either obsolete or nonexistent in this world) and Goodman’s friend thinks he should have one too. The problem is that the Pokemon has to choose the person as well as the other way around, and Goodman hasn’t found one to choose him yet.

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“FAT: A Documentary” is also new to Blu-Ray this week. 

There’s a quality about Seth Rogen that his female co-stars seem to find appealing. He has a way of putting them at ease so that they, in turn, give energetic and effervescent performances. Part of it is the fact that he is high energy himself and very funny. For other actors, the second part of this ability may be charm or elegance, but Rogen has neither of these qualities. For him, it’s more of a beta quality, where he’s all too eager and happy to be subservient to his co-star.

This characteristic of Rogen’s plays out through his role as Fred Flasky in “Long Shot.” After quitting his job at an independent newspaper, Flasky is invited to a party by his best friend Lance (O'Shea Jackson Jr.) and there he reconnects with Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron). In addition to being Flasky’s former babysitter--as shown in an unnecessary flashback since we get all of the details through dialogue--Field is the current Secretary of State under buffoonish President Chambers (Bob Odenkirk). Chambers is a former television actor who wants to try to make it in the movies. As such, he decides that he will not seek a second term and endorses Field for next POTUS.

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“Hellboy” also new to Blu-Ray this week. 

The most striking thing about Alita (Rosa Salazar), the titular heroine of Robert Rodriguez’s PG-13 yet still pretty violent “Alita: Battle Angel,” is her eyes, which are larger than normal. My mind immediately rushed back to a 2014 Tim Burton movie called “Big Eyes,” which co-starred Christoph Waltz. Waltz is also in “Alita” as Dr. Ido, who specializes in cybernetics. Is Waltz drawn to projects in which characters have oversize eyes, or is this a mere coincidence? One is left to ponder.

Eyes aside, Dr. Ido is a mature, fatherly figure. After finding the “core” of Alita (head and heart) intact in a scrap yard dumped down by overhead floating city Zalem (yup-another sci-fi movie with an extremely unsubtle class metaphor), he uses a cybernetic body he already had at his shop to reconstruct her. The fact that he cares for her, has compassion, and gives her breasts in proportion to her body type is all we really need to see to understand this character and his intentions.

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