Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was an incredible asshole this week. Here is a man who fines the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch hundreds of thousands of dollars for not speaking to the media, yet in the two-week buildup to his organization’s most high-profile event Goodell dodged interviews and spoke only at his annual “State of the NFL” press conference the Friday before the Super Bowl. Specifically, NBC’s Bob Costas requested an interview in the hope of discussing “DeflateGate,” domestic violence and the myriad other issues facing the league, but Goodell chose to remain hidden.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t give a damn if he didn’t speak to the media, but the hypocrisy here is astounding. How dare he require Lynch and other NFL players to speak to the media when he’s not willing to do the same? He’s already proven himself a dictator based on his unprecedented punishments for player misconduct, but this is the worst type of dictatorship: authority without accountability. Way to lead by example and set the standard, Goodell. Asshole.

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