Bill Cosby

There is no bigger asshole than the man whose smug face adorns the banner for this section, Bill Cosby. The rape allegations against him may always remain allegations, but the reality is things don't go this far this fast without having at least some basis in truth. And so Bill Cosby, you are an asshole for drugging and raping unsuspecting, ambitious women in your field for more than 30 years. You are an asshole for using your position of power to prey on those who could only hope to achieve your career status. You are not, however, an asshole for carefully crafting the wholesome Cliff Huxtable image only to be an asshole in reality. For you to be a rapist behind the scenes while being Cliff on screen took real skill to pull off, and for that you are commended. Of course, you have to be a legit asshole to make that happen.

Now go eat a Jello Puddin' Pop and go to hell.

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