Twitter Hate Ends In Hudak Victory

Twitter user tries to take down Hudak and fails miserably

Upon announcing on Facebook and Twitter that I would be appearing on the ABC affiliate in Miami on Sunday morning to discuss the Oscars, I began receiving hate tweets. They came from a single user who attempted not only to hate on me directly, but also to try to sabotage my appearance by tagging the affiliate in the tweets. You may not like me personally or professionally, but deliberately trying to undermine my appearance with jealous hate tweets? That's low, and pathetic.

But don't take my word for it. Below are the tweets. You will note that I gained three followers in this process while the tweeter received zero retweets and zero "favorites" for the invective prose. The best part, though, is that the high-minded, moral-platitude sitting judgmental loser included a link to my column for all his followers to see, which literally doubled the amount of hits the column received (read the column here). So thank you, dear tweeter, for the traffic! (To read this sequentially, start from the bottom and work your way up, noting that the first tweet is in response to my announcement that I'll be on the air.)

But wait, there's more! After the broadcast I tweeted a picture of myself with the two anchors:

And it truly was a great time! So great, in fact, that I've been invited back! If you want to watch me have a lot of fun on TV, check out the three segments here: Supporting/Lead Actress, Supporting/Lead Actor, Best Picture.

But nothing will stop this hater from continuing to fire away. The truth is, this kind of thing is part of the job. I accept it and laugh at it because how could I possibly take this seriously? Anyone who truly knows anything about me will instantly tell you these allegations are not true. And, I'm flattered by all of this. The fact that someone would care this much about what I write, then go through the effort of hate-tweeting about it, makes me feel honored. I hope anyone reading this gets a good chuckle and "wow" out of it, because that's certainly what I think it deserves.

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