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Legally Blonde The Musical

Becky Gulsvig has earned this. After understudying for lead role Elle Woods during the original Broadway run of "Legally Blonde The Musical" in 2007, Gulsvig was passed over to replace star Laura Bell Bundy. Why? Because the role was promised to the winner of the MTV show "Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods." But when the Broadway Across America tour launched in September 2008, Gulsvig was the first choice to play Elle, and hasn't looked back since.

Based on the 2001 movie starring Reese Witherspoon, the story follows Elle as her Harvard Law-bound boyfriend dumps her for someone more "serious." Determined to win him back, she crams for the LSATs and also gets accepted into Harvard Law, where her pet Chihuahua and neon pink clothing don't fit in. But that doesn't mean she doesn't belong.     

After giving advice to a sickly writer on how to overcome a sore throat  (it helped!), Gulsvig talked about life on the road, law school and being blonde.

Are you a natural blonde?

Yes, but we all wear wigs in the show so it doesn't matter.

How different is the musical from the movie?

It’s not very different. There’s more of the Elle/Emmett relationship, and the element of song and dance take it much further, but it’s the same basic story. 

How has the way Reese Witherspoon/Laura Bell Bundy performed the role influenced you?

Actually, a bit of both. I really enjoy Reese’s performance. And Laura's definitely influenced mine, as I understudied her. But I carry through Reese’s spirit of honesty, caring and kindness. Elle really is a fish out of water. She’s just different.

Elle is very cheery and upbeat. Are you that perky in real life?

I would say yes. I’m a pretty upbeat person, though the show wears me out. But I always have aspects of her perkiness.

Elle is constantly underestimated. What’s one thing people underestimate about you?

The message definitely resonates with me, and because I'm viewed as cute, bubbly and fun it’s hard to get people to realize I'm a legit actor. It’s difficult for me to know people will eventually take you seriously.

What’s the worst thing the dog has done to misbehave?

They’re all rescue dogs, so they’re livin’ the life now. They’re really sweet, and haven’t really done anything crazy, but you do have to be on your toes. You never know how they’re going to react in a new city.

You have 15 costume changes—what’s your favorite?

The dress that I bow in is pretty fabulous—it’s covered in rhinestones. Everyone wants it, but it’s hand made and you can’t buy it. And it’s refreshing to put on the tracksuit and sneakers.

What’s your favorite song in the show?

I say a different one in every interview. "What You Want" in the beginning I always enjoy, because it goes through a lot in one song, and it's a lot of fun for me.

One last questions: Did you ever want to go to law school?

Um, no thank you.

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