Worst Of 2018

We wouldn’t appreciate the good movies as much without the bad for comparison. And surely, the below titles are as stink-tastic as they come. Below are the five worst movies of 2018, ranked from “best” to the absolute worst. It’s not always good to be number one.

5) Solo: A Star Wars Story
Boy the “Star Wars” movies have gone downhill since Disney took over in 2012. This is the worst thus far, punctuated by a horribly miscast Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, who doesn’t have the looks, charm or swagger to pull off the character.

4) The Happytime Murders
Fans of the Broadway musical “Avenue Q” will understand what director Brian Henson (son of Muppets creator Jim Henson) was going for with this vulgar mash-up of puppet and detective movies, while the rest will simply hate it without recourse. None of it was funny, but it might be bad enough to get Melissa McCarthy a Razzie nomination. So, there’s that.

3) Peppermint
I can understand what Jennifer Garner saw in this revenge story about a mother whose husband and daughter are murdered by a gang. But man did this movie thud. Overly violent and dramatically strained, its clever moments were quickly outshone by harried plot contrivances, a weak villain, and an ending that’s both painfully predictable and painfully boring. Plus: horrible title.

2) The Oath
Another clever premise wasted in an aggressive, angry way, this time as a sociopolitical satire. It starts well enough with writer/director/star Ike Barinholtz and Tiffany Haddish playing a married couple in a politically divided family hoping to survive Thanksgiving, but it completely goes off the rails with a hostage situation in its third act. A disappointment sure, but an even bigger missed opportunity.

1) The worst movie of the year: The Hurricane Heist
A global disaster of a motion picture. The filmmakers tried to combine heist movie, natural disaster and family drama themes, and none of it worked. The visual effects were cheesy, the plot had seemingly zero original thought, and by the end you wish a storm could wipe this movie from existence forever.

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