Volumes of Blood 2: Horror Stories

Horror anthology sequel is in development, and you can be part of it!
By now, you're probably aware I'm a huge horror fan. I've reviewed a multitude of fantastic and awful films, from your B-movie late night camp fest to big budget gore thrillers. Among these was an interesting film called "Volumes of Blood," directed by P.J. Starks (read my interview with P.J. and other filmmakers here). At first, my perception was "This low budget indie flick, out of Kentucky, most likely won't have the substance to interest me." But was I ever mistaken! Centered around Halloween, this anthology of fun, campy, supernatural and slasher tales proved that this movie might have some teeth after all. The film has won many awards, including best film, best effects, and best actor and actress awards from a few profound horror publications.

Some very exciting news has just been released in regard to how you loyal viewers can own your very own copy of this movie. Legless Corpse Films will be distributing the Blu-Ray edition with a collectible poster on April 26th. You can preorder your copy now right here:

Or for those who want the full nostalgic effect, you can get a very limited/signed VHS copy here:

A few years have passed since I had the pleasure of seeing "VOB" and the inevitable sequel is now in production. This time promises seven new chilling tales of the macabre written by Mr. Starks and Nathan Thomas Millner. Multiple directors will try their hand at scaring the beejeezus out of you with stories centered on killers, supernatural threats, evil houses, and other terrifying sequences.

The first teaser trailer has just dropped and for your viewing pleasure is below.

This time I have the honor of contributing directly to the new film as a co-producer and possibly a small role, most likely being hacked to bits (please try and hold your applause). It's not easy for a small production to get off the ground, even when you have had success in the field. There are many expenses involved in the movie making process. I truly believe this is a movie worth making. It will hit the right chords of nostalgia and will take anthology horror back into the limelight. So, all that said, I ask of you, dear reader, for help. I'm trying to help raise a little extra money for "Volumes of Blood 2". They're bringing in an actor from “The Walking Dead” & have a ton of special FX. I was wondering if you might be able to contribute something to the project? Even $10 would help. Thanks so much in advance and your contribution will get your name in the credits of the film. Check out the link below for multiple donation levels and more info about this exciting opportunity.

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