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Formerly, this brand new, beautiful website exists thanks to the numerous contributors to the fundraising campaign and the tireless work of Dan Hudak and his staff to bring it to life!

With the new site comes a new philosophy: The term "punch-drunk" refers to the dazed, stupefied mind frame of boxers when they've been hit so many times everything appears a bit hazy. In short, that's what this site is going to do to the film industry. There will be no more simple reporting of news, information or gossip -- everything will come with a "punch," i.e. either harsh criticism, snark, sarcasm or shocking commentary. Add to this sections like "Asshole of the Week" (thank you, Bill Cosby) and this should be a damn fun website for you to return to again and again.

To me, any website that plays it safe is boring. Life is too short for boring. Let's have fun with movies by pointing out how incredibly ridiculous everything about the film industry is. I'm going to have fun doing it, and have no doubt you will have fun joining me.

-Dan Hudak

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