"Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer" has more than 6.6 million youtube hits in one day!

Hello, my name is Matthew Kaiser and I am a “Star Wars” geek. I have never been “Star Wars” free and I don’t ever intend to be. After seeing the newest “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer” (below) I have composed myself and must say…

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Found-footage thriller is the best of its kind in a long time

Is it worth $10? Yes

Tired of found-footage films yet? Don’t be too hasty. The latest entry, "Unfriended," may seem like the same old shtick, but this old-dog genre has some new tricks. It's an extremely well-paced horror thrill ride that keeps things rolling through cyberspace 'til the end.

Blaire (Shelly Hennig of MTV’s "Teen Wolf") and her five friends get together on Skype to chat when an uninvited, anonymous seventh person joins their discussion, posing as their deceased classmate Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman). What makes it even more creepy is the fact that it is the one year anniversary of Laura’s suicide, which came shortly after an embarrassing YouTube video of her was posted. The terror ensues as Laura starts to expose their secrets and plays a deadly game, attacking those that try to log out or pull some other antics or lies, while in their own homes.

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Misguided Michael Douglas action pic will have you rolling your eyes

Is it worth $10? No

Want to know what’s truly beyond the reach in “Beyond The Reach”?


The story centers on a millionaire (Michael Douglas) who likes to shoot things and the hunting guide (Jeremy Irvine) who becomes the next target. The millionaire, John, has accidentally killed a man in the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico desert, and hunting guide Ben isn’t playing along with the cover-up. Instead of killing Ben, John decides to force Ben to strip and run around the desert as temperatures reach 120 degrees. John follows him in his Mercedes SUV, all the while taking calls and trying to finalize a major business deal.

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Old school legal drama has too many missed opportunities

Is it worth $10? No

"True Story" tells the tale of two Mike Finkels, both of whom have found themselves accused of life-altering wrongdoings that have left them disgraced in the public eye. The first Mike Finkel is a New York Times journalist played by Jonah Hill. With his career soaring, Finkel decides to fudge the truth in order to print a Pulitzer-worthy piece. He loses everything. The other Mike Finkel is Christian Longo (James Franco), an impostor that adopts the alias in Mexico when fleeing from authorities after the death of his wife and three children. Longo is apprehended and the real Finkel is immediately intrigued.

What blossoms from this incident is a peculiar "bromance" between two men that are either lamentable victims of circumstance or despicable liars. It seems that Franco and Hill just can't escape the "bromance" label, though "True Story" is certainly unlike anything they've done. For Hill in particular, the material is quite dried out; the screenplay by director Rupert Goold and Dave Kajganich never provides him with the appropriate opportunity to use his vintage charm to lighten the mood.

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Monkeys, like humans, can be total dicks

Is it worth $10? Yes

Scientists estimate monkey DNA is 93 percent similar to humans, so it’s no surprise that the cutesy Disneynature doc “Monkey Kingdom” includes bad parenting, fights for territory, love and loss, and eating figs. But monkeys, it turns out, have all the social sophistication of the late 18th century French (who were so socially backward it led to the French Revolution, which lasted 10 years).

As explained by Tina Fey’s narration, macaque monkeys in Sri Lanka have a strict social hierarchy. For Maya, there’s nowhere to go but up. Literally. She isn’t allowed in the tree they call home, and at the top of the tree is alpha male Raja and his three red-faced wives, all of whom are awful. Maya eats their scraps if she’s lucky, and their horrible offspring climb all over Maya as if she’s a branch. To put it in true Disney terms, Maya is Cinderella with a bad haircut.

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Screaming, crying, texting -- whatever it is, kids are a distraction at films meant for adults

During a recent screening of an especially R-rated film, a baby started crying during a critical scene. Parents: For the love of God, Allah, Buddha, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, stop bringing your kids to R-rated movies! Do you enjoy your little ankle biter waking you up at 2 a.m. because there's a demon in the closet? Then why did you bring them to see "Annabelle”? If young Jimmy is shying away from his clown doll, maybe that late night "Poltergeist" marathon was a bad idea. And are you that hypocritical parent who yells at their kid for using the f-word after you let them see “The Wolf of Wall Street”? What did you expect?

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Freaky Australian horror pic The Babadook and Tim Burton's Big Eyes debut on Blu-Ray

The element that gets lost in a lot of big budget, effects heavy horror movies is atmosphere and suspense. Many times the best horror movies are the ones with the lowest budgets, because without an exorbitant amount of money to throw at visual effects or blood and gore, filmmakers must think of creative ways to make their movie appealing. The work around of great directors is to use camera work, suspense, and atmosphere. Jennifer Kent, in her feature length directorial debut, proves to be one such director. As a result, “The Babadook” proves to be one such movie.

The plot is fairly straightforward: Mom Amelia (Essie Davis) lost her husband in an auto accident when he was driving her to the hospital to deliver Samuel (Noah Wiseman), who is now going on seven years old. Samuel is a clever but troubled boy. None of the other parents like him. It’s a small wonder as to why, since Samuel creates weapons out of items he finds around the house.

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